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Online store - "AUTHOR" - aims to promote the creations of Romanian Artists and Creators in all fields. Their works are unique, of inestimable value for the Romanian people and their culture.

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Books by Romanian authors, very good quality literature, art catalogs, photography, culinary art, technical books, Collections, and Book Series have carefully chosen by Odris Publishing House.

Objects of Art, Sculpture, Painting, Tapestries, Ceramics, Glass, by Romanian Authors, Visual Artists, Valuable that enrich and beautify our Life

Object designer works. Pure inspiration, unique objects, and small series, from all fields in which Form merges with Matter and Light generating Spend, Utility, and Comfort that we have not stopped dreaming of.

Conceptual works of Architecture, inspired by Nature and Sacred Geometry. Architectural masterpieces signed by Perfect Creators, which give Humanity all the Talent with which they were Endowed.

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We are with You, at every step you take in this Journey into the World of Authors of Inestimable Value for the Romanian People and Its Culture