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If you liked our books if you feel that they contain useful information that you want to share with your friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, create an account on our website and then send us a message at contact @ buyby. ro with the text: "I want to be a distributor".

We will contact you by phone within two business days.

        You will be able to purchase our books with a 25% discount on the prices displayed on the site, provided that your order will be a minimum of ten copies of the same title or of different titles;

        You will have the obligation to display in the online and offline stores the price written on the fourth cover of each book;

        You will pay with the card when launching the order;

        For orders with a value higher than 250 lei, we will pay for the transport;

        You will receive the package in two or three working days through Fan Courier Express.

The Buy By team